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Originally Posted by steffen707 View Post
I wonder how quickly the battery will be depleated without the alternator, I also wonder how fast the alternator can charge the battery back up to full power.

My thought was that on a long road trip, you could disable the alternator for an hour, and then let it run for an hour.

Sure it wouldn't be as big of a gain as no alternator at all, but if what I read about increasing MPG by 10% with alternator delete is true, then perhaps 50% alternator use would gain 5%? Might be worth it without as much hassle as the deep cycle battery and having to charge the car up every night.
How about running a plunger switch to the gas pedal. When coasting (no throttle input) the alternator is allowed to generate. When cruising/acclerating, the alternator is disabled.

Combine this with an override switch for long highway cruising or idling in traffic...

3 position switch (1 to pedal switch, one not connected, one grounded for Auto,GENERATE,OFF respectively)
THROTTLE SWITCH, nomally closed (aka shorted to ground when pedal is depressed)

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