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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
Coast down a secluded hill from a set starting point, till you reach a stop,mark the spot. Repeat it in neutral , repeat it all again. Then crunch the numbers.
I hope I remember to test this next week! I am rather curious about this now. At first, for MY situation, I thought it almost for sure, but really breaking it down, I don't know. I normally bump start my engine, next time I won't, so it stays fair. I think in neutral there will be a lot more variables in play. In gear it is smoother, but hopefully we'll see soon.

Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
UltArc- Sorry, I wasn't trying to get in your face too much. But I was really hoping that you were joking in your hope that ksa8907 was joking.

To the challenge of "Find me some numbers," The only real answer here is "I can't." It can't realistically be tested for. The sheer obvoiusness of riding the brakes being bad for FE really turns the question around: Don't ask me to explain the benefits of coasting in neutral, explain to me why you think staying in gear is better than popping it into neutral.
Honestly, I did take it as hostile, but being it all in text, and this being a friendly forum, I figured I just took it the wrong way. And maybe my comment seemed hostile, too, so I try not to take any offense from anything. No harm, no foul.

I see your point in that, but some people are not very open minded :/ They get an idea, and that is just so until proven otherwise. My family is very much stubborn in this way. For years I have been telling them to unplug chargers and tvs and whatever they don't use, as it drains power. They finally did it to shut me up, and now they must constantly unplug everything that is not theirs, because of the energy they save.

Even on here, I remember someone switched to a funnel air intake rather than stock on a Focus I believe, and did not do very scientific reporting. The response was not very friendly lol. I know now to watch my exhuast when I talk about FE numbers lol.

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