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Drive less save more
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Originally Posted by RiceCake View Post
In neutral is essentially guaranteed to coast further but proves nothing. The real test would be to see if the extra fuel needed to idle the engine while in neutral is /less/ then the fuel saved by driving the engine with the transmission in gear.
It will actually prove more than you think, i'll elaborate.

When in gear the motor / transmission become a brake if gas is not applied. Driving around with slight engine braking will lower your coast speed and length, meaning you will need to apply the throttle sooner then if you had it in neutral.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a car while in neutral and idling at 800 rpm is going to use less gas then a car engine braking at 3000 or more rpm.

these are the reasons i coast in neutral.
Save gas
Ride a Mtn bike for errands exercise entertainment and outright fun

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