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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
It will actually prove more than you think, i'll elaborate.

When in gear the motor / transmission become a brake if gas is not applied. Driving around with slight engine braking will lower your coast speed and length, meaning you will need to apply the throttle sooner then if you had it in neutral.
Well, duh! This is the point has been raised dozens of times in all these threads, without anyone documenting the savings - until gealii's post.
I have a sneaking suspicion that a car while in neutral and idling at 800 rpm is going to use less gas then a car engine braking at 3000 or more rpm.
Jeez! I thought we had established that with DFCO in effect, the engine is using ZERO gas, regardless of RPM, during in-gear coasting. It's the WHEELS making the engine's crankshaft spin at 3000 rpm, not the ignition of gas in the cylinders! The PM article does a good job of documenting this, all too well, unfortunately.
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