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Rolling uphill

How do I get a truck with no motor or transmission to roll uphill? I brainstormed for a while and came up with a few ideas:

- pipewrench on the rear differential, turn 1/4 turn at a time and move truck forward. It will mark up the rear differential and it will be awkward - I need to sit on the frame to reach. And I don't have a way to keep the truck from rolling back when I have moved it forward and need to reposition the pipewrench.

- wrap the cable from a hand winch around the circular part of the rear differential and clip the hook where one bolt goes. Sit the winch on the frame and crank it to turn the rear differential. I don't need to reposition the winch, and it won't turn backward with the brake on the winch.

This was better, but mounting the winch to the frame did not turn out to be easy.

- can I find something, with maybe a bolt and a pivot in the middle, to fit where the drive shaft meets the rear differential? This is what I found

The 'T' bar from my socket set fits into the clip where the drive shaft meets the rear differential. So, with a few shims (small lengths of pipe split to fit over the T shaft) I can get the T bar to sit in approximately the middle of the clip. Then I should be able to connect my socket wrench with a short extension bar and a 1/2 inch socket to the T bar ... and then add a 3 foot pipe to the socket wrench so that I can use it while standing beside the truck. If I'm beside the truck, I can use my foot to move the wedge that keeps the truck from rolling backward, and I can move the wedge forward with every quarter turn of the rear differential, so the socket wrench can 'click' back the quarter turn and I can move the truck the next quarter turn.

That's the idea, anyway. Here are the pictures of the T bar and the T bar connected to the rear differential without the spacers.
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