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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
On the way home tonight with Cobalt I did a quick ABA, long gentle hill, about 120 mpg 5the gear 55 mph, was slowing 1 mph per 2 seconds or so, so best guess within 10 mpg. Accellerated back to 55 mph, neutral coast 170 mpg, just steep enough to maintain speed so a pretty good number. Back to 5th gear 55 mph again pretty much 120 mpg. I haven't calibrated my SGII for this car yet, still on first tank, but comparing factory gauge to SGII it's in the ball park.

So roughly (160/120) 1/3 less fuel is used coasting with my car, plus it holds speed longer so coast could be started sooner so even more is really saved.

DFCO doesn't really seem effective with the little bit I've played with it in the Cobalt. Even with aggressive down shifting for braking, fuel consumption actually goes up initially, only after atleast 2-3 seconds often 5 or more if it does at all will it go into DFCO. With my Cobalt I need to resist using engine braking as it's wasteful.
The engine is indeed running when coasting in gear, OBVIOUSLY, as the car is already started!!!! some people have neglected to notice that, somehow,right reb0151

Those were fast tests from you two guys, they confirm what i posted, thanks for the favorable results :-)
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