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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
You have established absolutely nothing, besides being ill informed and slightly obnoxious,That i got.
I apologize for the obnoxious tone - it came from too many debates in the past few days, as well as surprise at seeing the assertion made so many times on this forum be disputed.

So, I have read countless posts and articles to come to my conclusion that zero gas is used to keep the engine running during DFCO, including myriad posts on this forum. You're telling me I'm "ill informed". OK, please tell me specifically what I'm ill-informed about and what I need to read to correct that misinformation. Thank you.
Tell me how you suggest one measure for results?
The same way gealii, and now Whitey have done. By documenting the change in the amount of fuel they used to drive the same routes, changing only coasting-in-gear to coasting-in-neutral. Whitey's report is especially convincing to me, since he used multiple tanks with each technique, and therefore minimized the effects that minor route changes and traffic fluctuations would have on his results.

For a more controlled test, I suggested one on the first page, no need to repeat it here I think.

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