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I'm 100% Convinced...

Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
Beautiful job! Unfortunately, that's where the obvious factor comes in- are you going to A-B-A it and do three tanks without neutral to verify it, or will you refuse to waste that much gas "proving" something that obvious?
Thank you. It'll be Option B for me. I'm 100% convinced already. A-B-A testing would be a waste of fuel.

I use a Scangauge. Downhill on the highway, the real-time MPG readings jump from about 70 MPG to over 260 MPG immediately after selecting neutral. Also, my vehicle sometimes will accelerate in neutral, so I'll be clicking off even more miles for the same amount of "idle" fuel consumption while gaining momentum instead of losing it. I've seen readings of over 320 MPG...

Scangauge also has allowed me to track fuel efficiency for each trip. Prior to using neutral on the highway, I was doing well to average 45 MPG on a trip. Now I routinely average better than 50 MPG. My latest three-tank average would have been better if I hadn't got stuck in horrible stop-and-go highway construction traffic on several of my recent trips.

Coasting in neutral is the most productive "mod" I've made. I encourage people serious about conserving fuel to try it for themselves.


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