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Rolling Uphill - update 4

The plan for next time (tomorrow?) is to use the largest bolt that I have in the garage (1 1/4 inch head if I can find some nuts to fit), with two nuts to couple the ratchet to the T bar. I don't think that I am putting a large amount of torque on the ratchet, but I AM putting some effort into it.

I am trying to get the truck moving up a vehicle ramp that has a rise of 9 inches and a run of 21 inches. I think that when I get the truck to roll up this small ramp, I should make an effort to measure, at least roughly, the torque that is required to hold the truck from rolling back down the ramp.

I think I can come up with a way to do that - back to the bathroom scale, shimmed to level and as close to horizontal on the measured lever attached to the ratchet ... some small weights to zero out the scale and check for repeatability .. that sort of thing. I think I'm not going to like the answer.

Measuring how much torque it takes to MOVE (instead of hold from moving) the truck up the ramp has me scratching my head ... at least for now.
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