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Hey sheepdog,

I assume you're referring to Mike Dabrowski's 5th wheel. Yeah, what he did was very difficult. I'd rather do something more simple. I see that there is no way to get around having the trailer hitch. I didn't think about up and down movement along the road though. Thanks for that heads up. I guess I would have to have some side to side play and up and down play. Basically all X-Y-Z axes. Thus the ball joint type hitch that is used for trailers.

I have been keeping an eye on Agni motors as they have a great power to weight ratio. Only 25lbs and their up and coming version is supposed to have 30kW cont rating. That was the biggest problem with Mike's version is that he used an underpowered motor. He had acceleration issues as well.

I believe that with the Agni you could get onto the freeway and cruise at 60mph. Although, for me it would be most useful as a street mode and/or extra assist on the freeway to achieve the max 150mpg.
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