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Rolling Update 5

The bolt that I found is 3/4 inch, and I thought the head was 1 inch - the largest impact socket that I have. It turns out that the head is slightly larger at 1 and 1/8, so I need to use a socket on the T bar side and the largest adjustable wrench that I have on the other.

No pictures - my wife has the camera to take pictures of the grandchild this week on holidays. Visualize the T bar on the truck differential, a 1 and 1/8 socket on the T bar, a 1.5 inch bolt inside the socket, the nut of the bolt held in a 16 inch crescent wrench/adjustable wrench and the 3 foot square tube on the 16 inch crescent wrench. Tie it all together with my traditional red TUCK tape.

Move the truck up the ramp, 1/2 turn (90 degrees on the ratchet is not quite 90 degrees on the rear differential - wedges on the tires allow a bit of roll-back). I have a problem. After moving the truck up the ramps the first inch or so, I can't put enough force on the bar to move the truck. Nothing is bending, but the truck is not moving. I am pushing down with almost all my weight (250 lbs) on a 3 foot bar. That's 750 foot-lbs of torque ... doesn't make sense. I am doing something wrong here - the pivot point on the differential, where the socket and wrench meet - it's not supported. Maybe that is the issue.

I am going to give up here. I need to get some progress on this truck while it is still summer.

End of Rolling Update

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