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How much force to move the truck?

After giving up on moving the truck up the ramps, it occurred to me that I could check what the static force on the drive shaft would be by 'weighing' the socket wrench handle, when the handle is horizontal, and using a level scale or perhaps a fisherman's hanging spring scale.

But the truck is not on level ground, and I was too impatient to do it. With a three foot extension on the ratchet, it was very easy (too easy, hard to measure)to move.

I hung a 4 lb weight from my wife's workout set from the three foot mark on the ratchet extension. The truck did not move. I added a 3 lb weight and it did move.

I had to support the ratchet (I went back to the half inch bolt so I could use the ratchet) with a McGyver style rope loop so that it would not move while I got the weights balanced and moved the truck. It would help to have a picture ... oh well.

Since I supported the ratchet, I don't have a good feel for the weight of the square tube and the weights. I know that 7 lbs of weights and the bar will move the truck. I'd estimate the weight between 6 and 7 lbs (when the truck began to move) at 3 feet, so around 20 foot-lbs. I just wanted to check that the 40 HP motor would actually MOVE the truck. My confidence is a bit shaken and I needed a bit of a boost.

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