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Originally Posted by gd420mj View Post
Newbie here, but one year owner of 06 Prius. I hope no one steals my idea before I do it, but I would love to make my 74 volkswagen camper into a hybrid.

If I ever have enough money to get an old bus, and a wrecked Prius, I would so make this happen. I love my 74 camper, it's just enough for the family. But it's bad on gas and always leaking oil. (if there ain't no oil under em' there ain't no oil in em)

I could so boost mpg in a bus, even though its so flat in front. Down hills and stop lights my friends....
Have you seen the electric VW buss's ? I've seen a few on youtube, and other places they are sweet! I kept hoping VW would redo the bus someday, especially with a hybrid diesel or electric but doesn't look like it. Small versatile Euro vans are so cool but Americans just want fast guzzlers I guess.
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