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Originally Posted by dsq View Post
oil up 10$ today and up 6 yesterday...should be 5$ here next,this is gonna kill the economy.
Hey the price of SUV's and trucks is falling like a rock!!! thats the plus of all this.

Just talked to a coworker. 2-3 year old SUV.. wanted to trade it in on a new small compact car.. they were offering them 5k for trade in.. way way way under book value. The dealerships don't even want them unless they can off load them at super sub retail prices. the dealer said they have not moved a full size suv for months and they have tons of people looking for small FE cars and trading in the SUV's.

I could see this being a big advantage to businesses that need these large vehicle's like full size trucks.. but the SUV's aren't really a work truck.. unless your business is hauling people around.


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