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Newbie Driving Questions about my VX...

So, just started driving the VX today. I have a few questions that maybe you guys would know or be able to help with.

1) When does VTEC engage on a VX? I assume it is different than the run of the mill performance oriented VTEC.

2) Does it try running in lean burn MOST of the time or typically only at freeway speeds? I felt like I was in it a lot., but I am still trying to determine if I am feeling it correctly.

3)Since lean burn allows a lot more air into the system, would my theory be correct that when lean burn engages, you would observe a drop in vacuum? I feel like I saw that. So, while I am typically trying to get higher vacuum for good FE, when I see that sudden drop in Hg, but without me making a change, I assume that is lean burn allowing more air in.

4) HILLS?????? I have a few small mountain passes that I go over in my daily commute. I am still a bit confused as to what the main goal is for best FE. If I don't want to drop below 60mph, should I "floor" it in 5th or give it a little bit of throttle in 3rd. I have much higher vacuum when in 3rd, but in 5th I am at lower rpms... I guess I struggle with the overall balance of rpms and Hg in the hypermilage game...

Any and all comments and advice would be a big help, thanks!

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