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Thanks for asking, it will push me along toward 5+ posts. Then I can show more.

Poor mileage? As they say on the Internet, "Challenge accepted." Plus which, I bought my first VW in 1968. The motorhome is the only water-cooled vehicle I've owned since. I wouldn't expect 80+ mpg, but it would be nice to be able to hold my head up around my Prius driving friends.

I've followed the 'Aeromodability of a VW Bug?' thread. And compared to gtkid2002, I think I'm pretty well positioned. My cash flow is sucking rather than blowing right now, but I've completed the suspension work, and deleted the AM antenna. Next up would be a custom Class I receiver hitch. Or not, maybe remove the stock bumper and build a crushable boat-tail.

In any case, I have a commercial 3D model of a Beetle and I've created primitives for The Template, left- and right-handed vortexes and a cone defining the view out the back window. so I can show my thought. Only later, it's 4am here.
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