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Which technique gives better mileage?

Car is 1995 Toyota Corolla, 1.6 l auto, in good condition. Starting gently from a stop, the car shifts up to top gear rather quickly, about 20 mph. I need to reach my normal cruising speed of 51 mph, torque convertor is locked up at that point, and I am in no hurry to go anywhere.

Which would yield better gas mileage ?:

A. from top gear, at about 20 mph, accelerate very slowly, just enough to keep the speedometer rising until I reach my cruising speed. Sometimes this may take up to a minute. Watch vacuum gauge and keep vacuum as high as possible, usually above 5 inches.

B. from top gear, at about 20 mph, accelerate moderately hard, without letting the trans downshift, until I reach cruising speed. Obviously this will happen quicker than one minuet as in scenario A. Watch vacuum gauge, but under this technique the gauge would go to zero.

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