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My reply to euromodder was about the driver, my 9171 Superbeetle. The model in the profile pic is a model I made around 1995, so it's in plastic instead of 3D. Basically, I took a Beetle body and a wheel and tire set from an AA-Fuel dragster and mashed them together. At the time I was thinking of a race car, but currently it's called the eRat.

scivicblu83 -- I'm not lazy, I'm just economical with my efforts. If the model were brought up to date, you would see the front wheel treatment. 15" moon disks on the outside, and 18-20" Moon disks with a recess hammered into it that are sandwiched between the spindle and brakes on the backside--that carry a carbon fiber or aluminum cycle fender. Those front torsion bar housings are cantilevered airfoils.

Shortening the rear axles is standard race-car practice. I think you can go 1 1/2" per side with stock parts.

metroMPG -- The plan is to simply truncate the body and make it a Kammback. With the Superbeetle I will be showing speculative boat-tails.

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