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Funny thing is that my wife knows I went from filling up 4 times a month to filling up 3 times. Maybe we should do a fuel budget by distance and highway MPG... she would lose money and I would get more! (There is a NG armory across the river selling M1 garands for $500-$1000) But Financially hurting her is pretty hard because we have joint accounts; and if I suddenly set my own up, she will think I have a mistress on the side or something! (A wife and daughter are expensive enough, I don't need to pay for another girl LOL)

And here is the ironic thing, I started hypermiling because she thought me making the mini go sideways in every turn was irresponsible with a pregnant woman (her) in the car. So she complained about my driving habits and I changed after about a week and some research. Although I was heading that way with driving my truck to work in the morning. Rangers aren't really that fun to get sideways...

And I do have a SG2 and an ultragauge. And I have threatened to put alarms on the UG to bug the hell out of her if she is being bad. And she promptly said she would throw it out the window doing highway speeds. (she will, she's crazy)

So I might bring some points up and see how she responds. Thanks for the inputs

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