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This is a test to see how the forum software handles in-lining graphics.

Here's #1, a drawing I did in 1968. Myers Manx bodies with Plymouth Barracuda backlights for a canopy. Both sides hinged and and handled like Buicks in the 40s or International trucks in the 50's, crank both handles and it comes right off. The coil spring to hold up the gull wing is because I'd never heard of gas struts.

Here's #2. This is my current ride. I call you attention to the bike rack on the back. I replaced the OEM U-bolts with custom additions to the bumper bracket. I could easily carry the weight and aero forces of a boat-tail. Or just a canvas Kammback.

And then some text to finish off. I intend to create one thread for each vehicle. When I get to the motor home it will blow your mind. The progression is Class-A'brick' motorhome=>rat rod flat-bed truck=>3-wheel rat rod flat-bed truck=>The Template with an open cockpit for the driver.
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