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Originally Posted by MPGranger View Post
And here is the ironic thing, I started hypermiling because she thought me making the mini go sideways in every turn was irresponsible with a pregnant woman (her) in the car. So she complained about my driving habits and I changed after about a week and some research. Although I was heading that way with driving my truck to work in the morning. Rangers aren't really that fun to get sideways...
Yeah, so she worked you over with negative incentives and you changed within a week... lol

You have to give her a convincing reason to try for better mileage and let her be able to control part of it (like what to do with the money saved). Show her the ecomodder garage showing you saved $235 over EPA so far in just 15 fill-ups. Restart the one on her car and have a competition to save some money. But the outcome has to be one that she will enjoy. With a side-effect of permanently lowering your gasoline bill. Now my wife could not stop eco-driving habits even if she had to!
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