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Scangauge's velcro is disintegrating in the sun! Better way to mount it?

Currently, I have a Scangauge II mounted to my Miata's dashboard with velcro. Every time I leave my car in the sun, I come back to find that the velcro has melted and the Scangauge has fallen down. This post describes roughly the same problem.

On a couple of occasions, I've removed the velcro, cleaned the dash really well, and installed a fresh velcro strip. This helps for a few weeks, but then the Scangauge starts falling again.

Anyone have any advice on a better material/device than velcro for mounting a Scangauge?

As you can see in the stock photo below, there aren't many places to mount a Scangauge. Note that the plastic on the top of the dash is textured, so velcro mounts especially poorly there. My Scangauge is currently velcro'd to the glossy black trim above the radio.


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