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I would say, Go for it.
My daughter lives in Toronto ON Canada. Have crossed the border may times. I will have to check with some of her Canadian family, some of whom are with the Police.

I would suggest you might get some news articles on the Pipe Line, Solendra, etc. Also put a post on the Club. They have members all over, as well as Ideas.

I used to work for the Pres. TV is always looking for a good story to two. If nothing else, it would stir things up a bit.

From my experience the Canadians are a little more open minded about things. Driving across Canada I ran out of Diesel. I pulled into a Farming equipment yard and tried to buy a gallon of Purple to get to the next town, some 50 miles down the the road. I was able to get fuel.

When I was small, the assistant Pastor of our church used to cross the border to go the a church up near Montral. He got stopped. Took is car completely appart. Must have been looking for Drugs. He had crossed many times.

Go for it.
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