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I am trying to figure this out as well.

On my on dash fuel consumption readout, I have the ability and can accelerate with the readout at 5.6L/100km all the way until I reach highway speed.

Without a scan gauge I should still accelerate briskly until highway speed is attained...even if it puts me at 12-18 or even 25L/100km??

I don't understand how this could yield me better fuel economy. I have the same commute everyday, I have a setpoint on the road where I usually reach highways speed. I reset the average gauge at the launch point and do a test between the two and I always always get a better average going the easy 5.6L/100km up to highways speed.

I get how efficiency in engines work for the most part, but read outs are what they are and I have different findings. Is this 70% load goal for those that don't have the luxury of working their way up to speed like I do?

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