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Nothing better than testing for yourself. Take a 5 km stretch of road, for the most part the higher the load (right up to floored) the better the load for most efficient acceleration (based on my reading of this site) the key is not reving the engine to high, somewhere between 2100 and 2700 rpm are what I guess is best for your engine/tranny combo. Rest your gauge, 3/4 floor it till 2100 rpm, let it off, floor it as hard as you can without it down shifting, once it its 2100 rpm, ease off and repeat untill desires speed is reach, finish the 5 km and record fuel usage. Repeat using 2300 rpm, then 2500 rpm, then 2700. Find the sweep spot and narrow in for the optimum.

Record your data and share, your hour of good testing is great data for everyone to learn from.

All the therory and testing by others only goes so far.

Edit: make sure the car if fully warm before starting, and do everything 2 or 3 times is even better.
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