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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
these new mounting things are very cool.

After 100k miles and several locations, IMHO, have it as close to other information screens is the MAJOR concideration. (also mounted so as not to encourage theft)
If you have to look off in another direction or look lower, you are causing an unnecessary distraction.

I also find that keeping it out of the glare, reduces the strain on my eyes. While the suction mount is nice, it puts the gauge in front of the moving scene thru the windshield. Over a long trip, this is hard on the eyes. (I drive 11-13 hours at a time)
Thanks for the tips! I have my ScanGauge mounted (though I use the term "mounted" loosely, given the velcro problem) in essentially the same location as you do.

I'm also a big fan of long haul trips...drove from Illinois to California in 3 days earlier this year.

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