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Re-install Transmission Aug 19

The day begins. I found a couple of lengths of angle iron that may work to life the sheet metal, and the sheet metal lifts the transmission. I lifted up a corner of the sheet metail and propped it up on a 2 x 4. Then slid the angle iron lengthwise underneath. Now lift up the next corner and prop it on the 2 x 4. I slid the angle iron underneath this edge.

You can likely predict what happened next. The sheet metal slid off the angle iron when I did not keep the transmission level enough. I sort of predicted this, but I tried it anyway. And I was on the opposite side of the transmission when it slid too far.

Next up was a metal screen with a frame. It is used to screen small quantities of gravel and split the fine stuff from the larger gravel. The frame is pretty sturdy - 1 inch by 1/2 inch angle frame. Using the same method, lift the transmission onto blocks.

I have a few decorative railroad ties, recycled from a lawn remodel. Eventually, lifting one edge at a time with a small scissor jack, sliding shims in to raise it. When the height worked to slide the transmissiong/metal plate/screen combination onto a decorative railroad tie (4 inches high), slide the ties beneath the screen frame.

It is raised about 11 inches total. The transmission shifts quite easily on the metal plate. There is at least 6 inches to go before the transmission is in place.

I worked on other stuff for the rest of the day...
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