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Originally Posted by markweatherill View Post
My car has a slightly bent tie-rod on the driver's side.
It hasn't been a problem other than the steering wheel being off-centre and a slight pull to the left.
I recently noticed some slight uneven tread wear on the driver's side front tyre, at the outer edge. I checked the wheel alignment and it was out a little, so I corrected it.

Now the tyre has started wearing more on the outer edge.

I think that although the front wheels are now to spec in the straight ahead position, and the car does feel better for it, the bent tie-rod is causing 'toe-in on turn' which is causing the tread wear.
The previously incorrect alignment must have been compensating for this.

Does this sound right?

(I'm going to replace the bent tie rod now, after putting it off so long, and hope all becomes well)
Steering wheel off, pull to the left, uneven tire wear.

Personally I don't need any more indicators that something is WRONG. Pulling to the left is a good way to get into a head on collision. You knew the tie rod was bent and did nothing. Try straightening the tie rod .

If you can't afford an alignment there are many ways to do one with a piece of string. Beats letting a perfectly good tire get destroyed.

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