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Car conversion to 3 wheels

Hi ecomodders,
I just joined this website/forum.
I found it while searching the net for pictures/designs of a car converted to a 3 wheeler.
My idea for an ecomod is to use the front end of a fwd car (2 front wheels, engine and all) up to the steering wheel and chop off the back part and connect a roll bar cage for side by side seating and one wheel in the back.
The shape of the cage would be tapered for aerodynamics and can be covered with fabric (like that used for convertibles) or molded plastic or fiberglass.
But the main idea is to reduce the weight of the car by maybe around 40% (or more) and improve the aerodynamics.
A lot of the parts from the chopped off part can be reused in the conversion such as seats, lights, rear wheel, brakes, windows etc.
Safety should be somewhere between a car and a motorcycle, and might be equal to a car's if you factor in agility, braking distance and the rollbars.
I think performance would be in the sports car level.
This can vehicle can then be registered as a motorcycle.
What do you think ecomodders ?

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