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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Don't they do one-off's in the States ?

Basically, it means having a vehicle approved by proving it is essentially safe to operate (i.e. "as built" in the EU), complies with basic requirements (lights, brakes, ...), and conforms to at least some emission standards (the EU's) .

In some states, you can get registration for a 'kit car' or 'coach built one-off'. But in the case of a car that was manufactured by a recognized auto builder, but never imported to the States, is not a ' classic' (not 30 years old), I would not take that gamble with my $7500. A good place to check on 'what would it take?' is a classic car consignment showroom in your state. The guys who sell vintage Aston Martins, Ferarris, Colbra and Speedster kit cars and the like (I used to do some side work for a place like that in Pleasonton, CA) . Those guys usually know all the rules, the gray areas, even loopholes if they exist, and are often licensed by the state to do VIN certifications, etc.
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