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Thank you all very much for your input, it is all greatly appreciated. If it helps, my name is Steve, it might be easier than "2000neon". You are definitely right that when (not if) I build this, I want to aim for as close to perfect as my skills and materials will allow for, so that's exactly why I have been doing a ton of reading on 3 wheelers tail extension, sven's probe, the aerocivic, weather spotter's tail, the new aerofocus, the cargaero trailer, and of course as much reading as I can on everything from Phil, your truck, and you yourself are a huge asset and inspiration. I'm sure that I am still leaving some people out too.

If you look at my other thread (which I just realized that I have to update), I have already gotten most of the simple mods done to this car already. I am now also planning on bringing the rear wheel skirts farther down to cover more of the rear tire, but that is for a different time.

I will try to address as many questions as I can.

Aerohead: What I mean by "full", is that I will be aiming to build it to the existing length of the car. I am debating whether or not to end it flush with the trunk lid, or take advantage of the extra few inches I can gain rearward of the trunklid, out to where the bumper is. I called it a full kammback because I have already done a small kammback, just over the top 2/3rds of the window. Although the side transitions were too sharp and definitely limiting my potential gains. Although I did have some small gains with it. This will be it's big brother version, and hopefully fight the itch to build a boattail (for now).

Based on a lot of the reading from other's build threads, I am going to try and aim for 12-15 degrees on the top. I am going to try and maintain access to my trunk, so the side taper will be limited to how far I cam bring it in without blocking the trunk lid. I'm going to try to keep everything as smooth as I can to prevent any significant pressure variations like you mentioned.

ChazInMt: I really appreciate the input, and the nice words. Same to you Dr Miller, and Sven and everyone else. It is actually incredibly helpful and motivating to have the support and input when going about something like this, especially detail stuff like construction and angles.
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