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Austin to Wichita Falls = 300 miles;
@ 80 mph = 3 hrs 45 min
@ 75 mph = 4 hrs 0 min
@ 65 mph = 4 hrs 37 min
@ 55 mph = 5 hrs 27 min
@ 45 mph = 6 hrs 40 min

See, no drama was needed; the math tells all.

I go 50-55 mph on 55, 60, 65, and 70 mph roads on 350 to 600 mile trips one way with some regularity and have never been so much as honked at, much less felt endangered. You have opted to surround yourself with a couple excess tons of steel and plastic and you are still scared?

What strikes me as funny when I do those trips is I'll see the SAME VEHICLES blow my doors off if not once, perhaps several times during my journey. How? Cuz they are constantly stopping for who knows what (probably GASOLINE ) while I'm not and we keep catching up with each other. See where I'm going with this? They are going 75 mph or more and I am plodding along at 55 mph and from Point A to Point B, they aren't beating me by much if at all due to all that stopping and screwing around. Makes me LOL cuz I've been getting over 40 mpg my last few tanks.

You have chosen a huge unaerodynamic brick; the sheer big size of the frontal area puts it at a disadvantage vs smaller vehicles. The inescapable physics tells us that large vehicles are going to be more affected by aerodynamic loads than small ones practically regardless of Cd. In other words, if you want better economy slowing down in large vehicles is even more effective than slowing down in smaller ones. When I drive my pickup (HAULING, not commuting or unladen) I especially see the need to keep it at 55 mph or less as you can practically watch the gas gauge drop at higher speeds.

But you want aeromods. I'd suggest looking at the mods list at the top of the page and maybe searching the forum for SUV aeromods. It'll probably go, grille block, air dam, rear skirts, wheel disks, mirror and antenna deletes, belly pans, and boat tails, not listed in order of effectiveness. The most effective one of all will be the boat tail and perhaps you can take a cue from the folding tails that are seen on semi trailers these days.


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