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Hahahaha, the fights between the real aero guys and the black magic aero guys never cease. I think I shall start a Sensible Aerodynamics thread so perhaps we can enlighten the black magic guys, and remind the real aero guys that you don't have to make aero sound scary just so you can prove your credibility of knowledge on the subject. Aerodynamics principles are easy to understand, and to a certain extent can be utilized easy as well.

On the other hand, if you are not an engineer or physicist, and have never had wind tunnel or CFD experience, then you better shut your mouth instead of 'eye-balling' vortex physics.

2000neon, I can come up with a construction method that will allow you to easily create the radii you want! If you post pictures and dimensions of your vehicle, I'd be happy to work on designing the Kammback with you!
Max Trenkle
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