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Originally Posted by drmiller100 View Post
great study, and totally supports my argument on the angles.
if you look at page 75, they ran a CFD with 18.77 degrees, and a hard cut angle at the front, and hard angles at the sides, and the
The minimum possible drag with no vortices.

Douglas Robert Miller

drmiller, you are silly.

Here's the page you use as "Support".

Bigger version of pg 72 to contemplate

Nowhere does it state that the 18.77 angle is optimal, and on page 84 Feysel concludes that at 10-12 the drag coefficient is optimal and as you go beyond 12 it increases. Just for kicks, on page 9 Feysel (the author) talks about the evils of the vortex generation I speak of, it's the last paragraph of the page.

Bigger version of pg 85...for your consideration.

Here is the page 85 which "Summarizes" the results. It seems pretty clear to me that the 18.77 is decidedly not the minimum drag. Now, I'm no math major, but the number .3091 looks to be greater than .2892, unless I'm not reading the graph right, it is decidedly less than the "minimum possible drag" you speak of.

So, Mr. Miller, it seems to me that you have used something completely out of context to try and bolster your stance. Science and engineering principles require that we look into all aspects of a study and not just focus on the ones that help us out.

Tell you what, since we've made a complete mess out of Steves thread, I have a proposal: I'd be more than willing to remove all my posts here regarding your posts 6,11, and 17 if you take them down. Like it never happened. See if you can salvage some dignity here or do you want your clever mental judo on display for all to see?

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