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Here's my analysis based on this template overlay.
Angle at front of Kamm 5, overall 8, rear of Kamm 11. All angles are based on the ground being 0. The top of rear window to trunk rear lip looks to be 17. The car is "Leaning forward" in its design, the body side molding is 2 and the top of door line is 4.

The Kamm looks to be about 7-8 inches tall at the back of the car based on a guess of 16" wheel size for this car, not exact but the best I can do without measuring a door er sumthin. The neon green line pictured is 8, the red line is the template, the yellow orange thing is my quick & dirty side view of what the Kamm ends up looking like if it follows the template.

Hope this helps. Something to start with anyhow.

Since ecomodder isn't able to provide bigger pictures, I made a link to this so it's easier to see wassup.
Bigger Pic to LΘΘk At
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