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Hadn't thought of the spring rates, damping issue yet, but did worry about the traction of the rear wheel.
That is also why I'm planning to install a "very" big and wide wheel at the rear for my project, to increase traction and add to the "cool" factor.

Of course, safety is the number one concern, especially since if this works out, I might even do a business out of it.
Buy a wreck with a working front end for $500, chop off the back, put in the cage, seats and rear wheel, attach all the connections such as brakes, steering wheel, electronic wires, etc and viola sell it for $7000.
Should be worth it for a safe, economical, and fun to drive trike, right ?

I am still in the idea stage but I could definitely use the "brain" of an engineer since I'm just an I.T. guy who does mechanical and welding stuff as a hobby. Doing it with somebody also adds to the fun instead of just doing by yourself. So yes I'll let you know when I start the project.

Maybe we start do you think the suspension for the rear should be...I think a swing arm is the only option like a motorcycle rear suspension ?
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