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Talking Sorry but its the hydrogen generator again.

Hi all new to the forum and really sorry to put this as my first post. But the age old discussion of the Hydrogen generator.

I do have a different question though regarding this but just used in a different way to normaly debated one.

So the verdict always seems to be as follows, draw from battery is greater than the power produced resulting in poorer fuel economy (which i agree with). Some people say the hydrogen changes the burning characteristics and this improves the efficiency which i suppose is possible although any benefit will probably be lost on the extra load on the alternator.

So my questions are as follows......

1 - What if the hydrogen generator was independant of the alternator ie solar charging battery in boot and device switched on by relay from ignition or seperate switch. A slow draw of 5 amps should last 8-12 hours depending on the battery installed. This should eliminate the extra load put on the alternator. Charging of the battery would take a while by solar but unless your putting in higher mileage you should be able to keep this topped up after school runs etc. If nothing else would this help with cold starting and running of the first few miles untill warmed up?.

2 - same principle again, but forget about improving the fuel economy. If an independant hydrogen generator was fitted that was high amp's ie 100/200amps could this be used as some kind of crude nitro burst?. Battery wont last long but neither would a nitro bottle.

Would like to hear peoples opinions for the different spin on this greatly argued subject but after many hours/days/years lol of finding an answer to this age old subject not once have i heard an independant unit mentioned. The independant unit of course resulting in the extra load issue being non existant making alot of peoples argument void.

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