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Originally Posted by Betuaintgotthis View Post
1 - What if the hydrogen generator was independant of the alternator ie solar charging battery in boot and device switched on by relay from ignition or seperate switch.
The current required to get any measurable amount of hydrogen amounts to kilowatts of power. Sure you can generate hydrogen, but never enough while the car is driving to do anything useful, without having so many solar panels and so much water on board that the weight will ofset your economy benefits.

2 - same principle again, but forget about improving the fuel economy. If an independant hydrogen generator was fitted that was high amp's ie 100/200amps could this be used as some kind of crude nitro burst?. Battery wont last long but neither would a nitro bottle.
Again, the weight of the system would largely offset any benefits. If you had a bottle of hydrogen onboard, pregenerated and stored, sure, injecting that into an engine I believe the effective octane rating for hydrogen is very high and it burns rather explosively. I wouldn't doubt you could tune for more power with it, much like propane, ethanol, and CNG vehicles can.
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