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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
With tandem seating you don't have to move the driver that far towards the center if you have the rear passenger sitting more in the center line, this would give the passenger more leg room without making the car much longer but it would cut the frontal area down quite a bit.

Either way, I like the idea of using the factory doors because doors are a pain to build, you can of course chop and pull the rear of the doors in a bit if you want, but you also need to look at what the ideal taper is.
I also like the idea of making the body out of bass wood or spruce and cover it with fiber glass, it's a really strong way to make a structure and easy to work with because you can cut and glue the wood to the ideal shape before the fiber glass cloth goes on.
Not bad ideas, Ryland.
I'm not planning to use the donor car doors, though, since they are pretty heavy.
I'm trying to go really light and roll cage or fiberglass are good options for the rear body.
Roll cage for me seems safer, but, unless covered with something, makes the passenger exposed to the elements. The fiberglass option will let you do an enclosed passenger body, though, not as crash proof as roll cage.
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