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Originally Posted by Betuaintgotthis View Post
Thanks for those helpful comments,to those who are complaining of this being a HHO generator thread then a link if this has been discussed elsewhere would have been nice to provide link (oil pan 4's thread link was a interesting read and looking in to the tridon v10 bus). But honestly people if you really dont want to get involved then thats ok the clue was on the title and you didnt have to view this, nobody forced you so stop moaning.

BS, You show up here out of the blue, tag your thread 4 times, and have the same tone as someone who posted a day earlier under a different name.

Now I know that you have your own POS website somewhere promoting HHO. You come in here and link back to your POS HHO site so when someone searches for Hydrogen Generator (or whatever) in Google, your site is higher in the search results because you have an active thread here and that counts huge for Google. It's called "Website Optimization".

Beauty of it is, we can't see the link, all behind the scenes & such, so you can plead stoooopid and how can we prove otherwise?

BTW, I notice nobody really adds any tags to threads in Ecomodder, but somehow, the HHO threads always have them.

How did you tag this 4 times when an individual can only tag twice?

Must have used a few of your other "Names" to make that happen.

At least you've givin up talking to yourself in here, probably been caught doing that in the past and had your threads removed.

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