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Drive less save more
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My car uses about 1 gal. per hour while driving, so the less time the motor is running the better. I do a lot of engine on coasting now so my gains will not be as much as someone else, who doesn't coast around constantly to begin with.

The switch is going to take some time before it becomes routine,in two weeks i should be adept at it..
I have to flip the switch off then reset the ignition to have it ready for the next start , move the key down one position then back up.
I find it bothersome all the same but i will get used to it shortly as with all new things.

I have to comment on the quietness and the great feeling you get coasting engine off/ in gear with power steering and brakes, the motor becomes powered by the wheels the wheels by the hills or momentum, its reversed, its perfect.
Save gas
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