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hehe I was hoping with the top up it would be better aerodynamics than the hb. I really don't drive much in the summer now that I have a bike that is way more fun.

If you want I can still chop the blue 92 metro I have here for you and you can come get it and do something with it I am trying to figure out what would be the best combo to go with still really. I have practically no money invested in a fleet of 5 metros now and I have lots of options I could go with. I do have a 97 model but it is missing most of the body panels now and I let a girl play with power tools on it so it has a few places cut into it. I have the tools so you could come visit for a week in the summer and we can chop your car

I found some tires that look good for whatever I do. They are 175/70-14 I just need to find a set of 14x5.5 steel rims and a new set of moon hubcaps. That will put my speedometer 10% off and would be easy to correct since it is a standard correction factor. Then I could give up the endless search for 145/12 tires. My gearing would be similar to yours then, 2700rpm at 65mph.

I am thinking no matter what car I end up building on I will still do a new front end that slopes much better than what these cars do factory. A smooth belly pan seems to be easy to do as well when the car is apart so that will probably be done. Rear wheel covers and closing in the front wheel as much as possible would also help out as well. I am still considering ducting some air somehow to the back bumper to help reduce the low pressure area behind the car. The back wheels would be easy but the engine air might be hard depending on what size duct it needs.

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