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I agree, you want a cluch in an electric car

I just thought I'd check in here and saw this thread. I also have a 4 speed with a clutch and I think it is a must have for a car if you want it to behave like a real car. This project will be great when it is done, and the goals sound very realistic. Without the clutch it wouldn't be a great project. I think too many people build electric cars just as a fun project. With today's components available you can have a real car, not just a project. I've now driven mine for 11 months and 3500 miles, and it's great. I simply plug it in when I get past 50 miles and the BMS and charger do the rest. I haven't looked at my battery voltages for months. You definitely have the right approach to building this car, and I'm sure it will be a very good runner when done.
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