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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
Not ideal, since the pic isn't from the best angle:

I see lots of Cinquecentos and Seicentos in Warsaw and have always wondered about how to go about aeromodding one, but always gave up with a "Nah!". Good for you for actually doing it!

Do you still use the 'cento for fun? Any plans for more mods, like warm air intake, engine kill switch, etc.?
Thanks for the overlay. As expected, it's not very close to the template, but I will try this on a different photo that I have on my computer. Still, hope to get the tuft testing done and confirm that the CCCCK is worthless at its current angles. Good thing is that I can adjust the shape when I decide to reinforce it, as now it's so soft.

I intend to continue using the car for fun, but don't have that much spare time go to events every other week.

As for additional mods, those would have to be:
a) cheap (and I mean REALLY cheap. The ones I've done were 200% the planned budget, because I had to buy a second roll of duct tape )
b) not detrimental to performance

So WAI is a no-no for both reasons, the kill switch is too hardcore for me at the moment (and my tinkering craftsmanship is a bit on the crude side if you haven't noticed , so I'd have to pay someone to do it for me). I'm thinking air dam, tire spats and/or partial pans some time in the future. Maybe mooncaps, but where do I get those perfectly-sized pizza pans..?

One mod that is definitely going to happen is the rev-meter, as I have one sitting on a shelf. This will not count towards the FE budget as I bought it for Auto-X'ing for optimal gear changes. Is that creative accounting yet?
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