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Originally Posted by wolfpuppy View Post
Started last week, drove this car in my driveway on Friday afternoon at 42 mpg according to the dashboard digital monitor. Assuming it is correct, that is pretty good for a car rated less than 30 highway mpg...

I drive from Lake Los Angeles in LA county to Van Nuys, drop 2000 feet going and climb same amount coming home. Results depend top some extent on traffic, of course, but so far very encouraging. This is with driving practices only, no modification to the car at all. Does anyone know if the computer for this car can be "tuned" at all to enhance mileage? Just curious...
Make sure you do your math at the pump, many people on here have proven there computer mileage wrong. As far as the computer the newer the car the better your chance of having a chip to help produce power in certain bands to benefit ecomodders.

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