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Yes, our autobahn has still unlimited parts, where you can drive as fast as you want.

But in the last few month/years there are more and more less drivers using full throttle. Most people are driving 120-140kmh (75-86mph) in the unlimited parts.

If youre going very fast you dont even get very faster to your goal. In cause of road works or slower other cars you cant drive very long in high speeds, and always have to brake and accelerate again. So you arent faster, but your fuel consumption is much higher...

@ Piwoslaw:

You are right, our police is very strict, so my modifications cant be very big.

Yesterday I made an big inspection, with new oil (5W30 synthetic), airfilter, oilfilter, spark-plugs and new aero-wipers in front and a normal new wiper in teh back of the car.

On the way (50km) to the private garage of a good friend i had 4,8l/100km (49mpg), but on the way back it was at 5,3l/100km (44,4mpg). The mistake was a not correctly installed airfilter-cap. There where 2 screws missing, so the engine was able to get air by the side of the air-filter-element, and the data from his boardcomputer was wrong.

So my actual fuel-consumption isnt 4,8 but 5,3l/100km...

But i planned to build a grille block, and to install a new plastic-cover under the engine. The original one was destroyed by the past owner...

Also im trying to get some better wheel-covers at ebay, and bought a set of new winter tyres. At the moment there are very bad all-weather tires mounted, and i dont want to inflate them over 2,5bar (36psi), because they are in very bad condition.

With new tires and 44-50psi it should be better.

Kind regards,

ecomodding in germany, with prices of more than 8$ per gallon....
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