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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
You need to define 'smaller'

What you mean is narrower. Smaller means smaller diameter.

Smaller would prove for worse mileage.
Narrower would provide such a small gain that I would not concider the lose of handling and comfort.
Have you aired up the tires to 40-45psi?
Sorry, my fault. I meant narrower tires, with same diameter.

Both tires are stock recommended sizes. 175/80R14 is the narrowest regular size for this car, 195/65R15 is the most sold tire in germany, and also stock recommended. In size 175 there are only an few different tires to buy, but in 195/65R15 there are about 300 different profiles and a lot of LRR-tires to buy.

In the moment im driving very bad all-weather tires from the last owner of my car. So i need to buy some new tires and rims for summer.

Ill drive the tires at maximum sidewall pressure, but actually the mounted tires are so bad, i wont try it with them...

Kind regards


ecomodding in germany, with prices of more than 8$ per gallon....
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