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EX 35 - '08 Inifinti EX35 Journey AWD

The Metro - '98 Chevy Metro
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UltArc: Yeah, the EX is an awesome vehicle. it's an '08 (read: my wife's parents bought it for her before we were married) and quite simply is way beyond our means in terms of purchasing another car. The thought of buying 2 cars and parting one out for the other does seem like a tall order, but not impossible. I'll definitely consider it; thanks for having faith in me. Do you think the older CRZs are worth looking in to?

Metro: I see what you mean! I found a '02 Insight with 240k mi in my area for only 1500. Of course, it doesn't start, but I'm sure that's fixable. However, it's an automatic, so that's pretty much a buzz kill- one of my main objectives of this endeavor is to learn to drive a standard. I'll keep looking.

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