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Btw, what do you think about the design of the Winnebago rialta or lesharo?
Would that be something I should attempt to emulate?

I took a pass through Photochop:

First, with the nose up, you get air rammed into the undercarriage. Drop the front. 2nd, skirts on the rear wheel wells.

You're dealing with wooden 2x2 and aluminum construction. Have you ever opened up the walls to see what tools you will need? Have you ever tried to remodeled a house while you are living in it? Prepare yourself.

I would limit the mods until you get a better vehicle. What I have shown is a longer radius cut into the wall behind the cab doors, the overhead and everything behind the rear wheels tapered in plan, and a radius on the top front.

Is there a door in the back? Your boat tail could turn into a porch.
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