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Well, I've been looking around and I might have found a smallish 1990 diesel f350 box truck with a rebuilt motor on the cheap. (under $2500) That would be a much better platform for mods than my camper here. To park it in front of my house, it has to be under the 10,000lb limit due to bull**** local laws, so if it is that might be a good option.
Then I could also convert to veggie as well...

Yeah, I've done tons of home remodeling, removed and built walls, framed windows, etc...
Lol, did a full remodel with a broken arm (got hit by a car)

But yeah, I guess I'm realizing that perhaps going with the smallest diesel box truck I can find would be an immediate doubling of my mpg at least. It would pay for itself in 1 tour if I pay less than 4k for it.

The truncated tail idea I had was to simply hinge 4 panels to the rear body.
They would fold against the body for parking and loading, then would latch together for driving.
Does there have to be a seal at the end of the chopped tail, or can it be open?

Btw, Thx again everyone for helping me figure out the best option for me here, with the minimum work/maximum results/least price.
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